Distribuitors and Discounts

We have no retailers or distributors. 

ELM-327.EU is a non-VAT, sole proprietorship web-based business, and we require that all purchases be made through our webstore. This helps to keep costs down, and the prices lowest possible. 

However you will get bonus products, if you order more, as follow:

Quantity of ordered items

extra bonus



+ 1 piece

if you order 6 interfaces, we will send you 7 interfaces.


+ 2 pieces

if you order 10  interfaces, we will send you 12 interfaces.


+5 pieces

if you order 20  interfaces, we will send you 25 interfaces.

Note: If you buy different products, the extra bonus item(s) will be identical to the cheaper item, you have ordered.

By example, if you order 3 x ELM 327 Bluetooth interfaces, 1 x ELM327 USB Interface, and 2 x ELM327 WiFi interface, we will send you  a  ELM327 Bluetooth interface bonus.