Products Warranty

All products listed on ELM-327.EU, are covered by a period of 37 (thirty-seven) months, from the payment date. 

All faulty parts and/or functions, resulting user’s normal use, will be repaired and/or replaced at no charge during the warranty period.


How can a claim be made under the warranty?

In order to get the benefit of the warranty, the customer must provide the order number, or the  Paypal payment ID, or the name and email used at the order checkout process.


Please follow this instructions for a safe product usage: 

The following instructions are provided for safe and correct use of the product and to prevent a potentially dangerous situation or damage in advance. Be sure to read through them before you use the product.


Recommended Usage Environment 

The ambient temperature should be -20℃ … +50℃ for the normal operation of the product.


Power Source 

- The OBDII terminal is connected via the vehicle’s OBD-II connector for DC +10V ... +18V power. The product does not require an outside power source.


Warning: Be careful not to input excessive power voltage 

- The product’s input power capacity is fixed as shown below to prevent electric shock and/or fire. Please DO NOT use voltage higher than that prescribed below. (Warning) Be sure to check the probe attenuation before measuring the voltage. The voltage that is higher than the maximum input voltage can cause damage to the device and you. In particular, there is the risk of an electric shock when measuring higher voltage.

- Make sure that the vehicle’s power source is grounded.

- Do not attempt to operate the product at the situation that a risk of dysfunction or shock expected to happen.

- Stop using the product immediately when you notice something unusual about the smell, smoke or sound. And then swich the vehicle’s ignition off, and remove the OBDII interface from the vehicle’s OBDII connector.

- Keep the product out of the reach of children or those who cannot be trusted with the use.

- Do not use the product with your hands wet. It can cause an electric shock.

- Do not try the product for the purposes other than OBDII diagnostic, and vehicle <-> pc/ smartphone/ tablet data transfer.


Maintenance and Storage

- The recommended temperature for equipment storage is -65 ℃ … +50 ℃.


After Service

- Do not attempt replacing a part yourself. It can give you an electric shock.

- Do not attempt to open the case or repair yourself. It can cause an electric shock or other safety accidents.